How many

How many cameras can I connect through one router? I had 10 connected then added one more today and funny things are happening…lol. Also I have two more cameras on the way. I also have one bulb I couldn’t connect for some reason plus one plug which is connected.
What’s the limit?

Hello @buickguy and welcome to the community.

The limit would depend on your specific router, I have seen some as low as 24 devices and some very much higher.


Thank you Jason. I guess if you’ve seen a “low” of 24 I’m safe for awhile. Oh, the weird stuff I said was happening doesn’t happen any longer. Perhaps it was my ISP.

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I just upgraded my router this week due to this issue. my son would get on his PlayStation and it would kick other things off the router. Got a new Wi-Fi 6 router and everything is going swimmingly now with the options the new one has.