How many cameras can connect to a mesh router at one time?

My Wyze battery powered outdoor cams connect to a Wyze router. However, that router only supports 4 cams. Yet, my Wyze Pan 2 cameras seem to connect directly to my wifi router. Is this working as expected? Also, I’d like to monitor a remote location with 7-8 electrically powered cameras and a wyze doorbell. I’d like to connect them to a mesh wifi router, if possible. Can I do this? Which cameras are recommended? What are potential troubles? Thanks.

Is it working as expected? Yes.

However some terminology, The Wyze battery powered cameras connect to a base station. Although it really is functioning as a router (among other things), referring to it as a router instead of a base station will only add confusion.

I currently have about four dozen Wyze cameras at home. I can monitor any of them remotely.

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Your Wyze Cam Outdoor cams connect to a Wyze Base Station which is a Bridge Access Point for the cams. The Base Station connects to your Router. It also ONLY supports the connection of Wyze Cam Outdoor and no other plug-in Wyze Cam in addition to it’s 4 Cam limit.

Absolutely. Connect your phone to that router, install the cams, drive home.

That depends on your needs: price point, power plug-in availability and distance, mounting needs, image resolution, Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite, spotlight or none, floodlight, PTZ or stationary.

To answer the question from your Topic Title, that depends on the specs of your Router and the Mesh Router you have at the other address. The Wyze Mesh Router, for example, advertises 50+ devices per node. The Wyze Mesh Router Pro advertises 75+ per node.

You are awesome! That answers all my questions. Thanks so much.

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Good point. Thanks. That helps.

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