How long does the Watch battery go?

I have been wearing my watch for 2 days now and am wondering how often I need to charge it? I connected the charger cable a short while ago and the watch showed itself 99% charged. Does that mean I should charge it once a month or so?

Li-ion batteries are typically charged when their state of charge falls to 20-30%, or higher if you don’t want to get stuck with a ‘sleeping’ device. If your charger is accessible within a few hours, I’d say let it discharge to 10-20% and then recharge.

Don’t ever leave you watch in a hot place so its battery doesn’t get hot for an extended length of time, since Li-ion batteries hate higher temperatures, over 130-150F, and degrade irreversibly after such ‘baking’. In extreme situations, they can balloon and pop your device open due to gas evolution. It happened recently to my phone…

Thanks Tony…good info!

I doubt it would last a month. It’s only rated for 9 days, which is exactly what I got on my 1st charge. I’m on day 4 now & already at 40%.