How is Wyze like an MGB?

I drive an MGB. I’ve had her for almost thirty years.

When everything is working, it’s wonderful, joyful.

And then it leaves you stranded on the side of the road.

Wyze is the British Leyland of consumer products, or perhaps more accurately, Lucas.

I’m used to the frustration of things just not working with cars so the lessons of mediocrity, unresponsiveness, and incredulity are familiar to me.

Just accept it. Sometimes the damn thing runs.
They’ll be out of business soon enough.


Except Wyze ain’t that pretty.

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You’ve described my experiences with Wyze and Triumph perfectly.

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I can’t even get the Wyze lock to work! Tech support auto hangs up on me. 30th in the line for on-line support and waiting for over an hour.

Have never had to have my Rover P6 2000TC towed or sat by the road in over 200K miles. Biggest problem today is it was made for high-test leaded gas.

As long as Wyze don’t employ anyone trained at the Prince of Darkness (Lucas Electrical). Beautiful car!

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