How is V2.0.6 quality?

Hi all,

Thank you if you are testing our beta app V2.0.6. We didn’t hear a lot of issues but I would like to get a pulse check how you view the app quality this time. Below are a few issues we found from beta testing.

  • iOS crash when view event videos (clearing app cache from Account -> App Settings can work around it)

  • iPad crashes when clicking on ‘…’ button (will be fixed next release)

Any other major issues you have with V2.0.6?


No problems here. Asus Zenfone 4 Max running Around 8.1


I’ve had no video recording to SD cards in several if not all of my cams. Haven’t had time to investigate at all until just now. Here’s what I know so far:

Testing on 2 cams, a V2 and a V1. Both have 32GB Class 10 cards installed. Both were set to record Event Only originally. I noted that there had been no new video recorded since August.

Both have in common: if I format the cards in the app, the format reports successful, But immediately after formatting, instead of showing 29/29 available, each shows only 1.xGB out of 29.71GB available. The video that’s on the V2’s card from back in August is still there after the format.

After changing them over to Continuous Recording, there is nothing shown on the V2 from the last several minutes. On the V2, It shows that there has been recording (according to the green shading), but when I try to play it back it only shows a static image with the apparently correct timestamp. Then in the middle of looking at the last few minutes, the green shading disappeared and it shows “no video” now.

I haven’t had time to remove the cards (the are mounted up high) and try to format on a computer, but will try to do that soon.

BTW, there had been a few reports in the forum before the migration to the new forum of similar issues. Such as:

Submitted tickets on these two so you can see the logs. Will post ticket numbers when I get them.