How I protected my V3 camera outside

I put my V3 camera on the outside of my home and I was worried about a thief taking the camera. So I heard that a Fake wasp nests work off the premise that wasps are extremely territorial and will stay away from an area that already has a nest in order to avoid confrontations.
So I put a fake nest under my camera, And thief’s avoid it because from a distance it looks like a wasp nest and wasp avoid it because they are extremely territorial and will stay away from an area.

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If someone else wants it…hell its only 20.00

True but nobody comes to the rear side of my house because the minute they get a look at that wasp nest they avoid it.

I have several wasp nests hanging from under the eaves. I don’t need a prop.

One of my Wyze cams even recorded a Fedex delivery man throw a package over the fence rather than put it down on the porch.

Maybe if there’s no V3 RTSP soon, I’ll replace the cams with the wasps instead. What do they feed wasps? :grin:

All well and good I suppose… except for the big ugly thing hanging off the house. :frowning:

(I’m in the it’s-20-bucks camp on this one.)