How Fast Does Battery Cam Pro Log Event

Is there information on how quickly the Battery Cam Pro reacts to begin recording an “event” ? At which point in the event does the camera take the snap shot which is seen within the app ? I am curious as it does seem that I do have the odd event that shows nothing obvious in the screen…

I am adding to my original post as I had another morning go by where the delivery vehicle drove into my driveway, stopped and tossed the newspaper out the window, then backed out of the driveway and drove away. No picture was captured of the vehicle ? You can see the newspaper in the driveway at the bottom of the steps.
There had to be motion noticed as the vehicle is a dark coloured SUV and the driveway was covered with white snow :slight_smile: Does the BCP go to sleep after a certain number of hours of inactivity ? If so - what is the wake-up time ?

What firmware/app version are you on?
I am on and Android app 2.49.4 (402).

Also, can you please list your Settings under “Detection Settings”
I am trying to only monitor a flower bed so I do not want it to cover too much.
After 5 days it has only caught one cat walking through the garden.
I have put in a “Detection Zone” to only catch the flower bed.
I have mine throttled back to 20 ft on “Detection Distance”.
I have “Detection Sensitivity” set to 3 and “motion tagging” ON.
I also turned “Night Vision Mode” OFF under Advanced Settings and “Record Sound” is OFF.
My plan is to go up one on Detection Sensitivity until I start getting traffic detection.
The garden is kind of in my front yard.

My Detection Zone blocks out the tree on the left of the lamp you see in the picture as well as the neighbours car on the right side of my picture.
Detection Distance is set to 30ft
Sensitivity is set to High ( 6 )
Motion Tagging is On
Night Vision Mode is Auto
Record Sound is On
Firmware Version is
Plugin Version
App Version Android

Battery operated cams sit in a “sleep” state in order to conserve power. Battery Cam Pro wakes up via passive infrared (PIR) and/or radar. I’m not sure if it’s advertised somewhere, but setting Detection Sensitivity to 6 (max/High) disables PIR leaving only radar for wake-trigger. I don’t know what the max radar distance is, probably not very far. But if you reduce this setting to 5, it will use a combination of max PIR and radar.

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Thanks - I shall change the setting to 5 and see how that works. Any idea as to how long it takes for the camera to go into a sleep state ?

I’m not sure. Probably 1-2 seconds after detected motion stops and event upload has completed (if using Cam Plus) or live stream viewing ends.

Alright - I made the change to 5 and the camera did not capture the vehicle again today. I went out and measured the actual distance and the front of the vehicle (based on the tire tracks) would have been inside 25 feet (plus the additional distance for height to the mounting point on the house).
I have been reading a lot of posts to try and find more information, and one of the posts noted that going to a setting of 6 would indeed shut off the radar. The writer noted that at 5 the camera would only activate the PIR recording if it ALSO detected a radar movement. He noted this was to help eliminate false events related to just heat events like a car driving by… I have also re-aimed the camera a bit to have it aimed more directly at that area of the driveway rather than picking up that area from a side view. Given the more direct view did not capture the vehicle at level 5, I will go back to 6 with the new aiming to see if that works now. One change at a time will help me find the right combination or at least figure the limitations.

One of the biggest problems you have is that by design, PIR has a difficult time identifying motion coming at or moving away from the sensor. PIR excels at horizontal (left/right) detection. Radar does not have this issue, but range becomes a factor.

Also, just checking… is your cam mounted outside or inside looking through a window?

The camera is located outside under the eaves of the house. Only about 7.5 feet up from the deck. The angle is slightly off to the side as the camera is about 6 feet off the the side of the edge of the driveway and 25 feet away from where the corner of the vehicle would be.

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30 feet appears to be the maximum and then refine to get it lower. You might very well need maximum battery drain settings for that to work at 25 feet the way you want.

I would first test maximum to see if it actually does what you want. Good chance of being faster in the end. It would be a waste if you put it up to max little each day and still nothing at max because it won’t do it or something else is going on.

It appears that perhaps moving the aim of the camera helped. It may be other factors thrown in as well such as temperature as it was much warmer this morning ( -2 C ) compared to the last few mornings at ( -10 C ). I will keep an eye on it and see if I continue capturing the motion.