Battery Cam Pro - Detections at night?

Hello All,

I’m wondering if I have a bug. I have 3 - Battery Cam Pro’s that seem to stop detecting animals at night (this is my theory). The reason why is because we have cats and possums that go across our back porch almost every night. My wired, Cam Pro 3 that is above my back door captures the “Pet” going across the porch. But the Battery Cam Pro’s (on the post in my picture) are not catching anything. Motion or otherwise.

Side Question as well… on the Wired Cam Pro… I have it set to Record Smart Detection Events only. Why is it still capturing motion? It seems the wired camera’s have this option but the Battery Cam Pro’s do not have this option. I assume that’s because the battery camera’s have to record everything to decide if it’s something? But again, Side Question… let’s come back to that.

So the Battery Cameras catch people, pets, and motion all during the day. I’ve tried Detection Zones to see if that helps to seeing the critters at night but it didn’t. My screenshots are below for my settings.

You will see the post where the possum is behind, is the same post in the Spotlight Settings screenshot. I’ve posted a couple other pictures from the Battery Camera’s view. It seems to me it would catch it??? The possum walks from right to left in the Wired Cam 3 Pro, left to down in the Battery Cam Pro’s view. Basically right in view IMO.

I’m going to go out and test it detecting me. I’m probably even going to throw my cat out there to see what happens. He always thinks he’s on an adventure if he can go outside.

The Spotlight is not coming on either.

I don’t have the Battery Cam pro but I do have 4 Battery powered version one WCO. Motion detection side to side is the best and is how PIR Cams work. Straight at or away from the camera is terrible.