How do you restart the Wyze Doorbell Pro from the settings menu?

On the original doorbell you click on settings and there is a restart button near the bottom of the screen.
On the Video Doorbell Pro there is just “Delete Device”.
The reason I ask is the “Sync Time” gives an “Operation Failed” message on my Pro.
I setup a rule to do the restart, but I don’t see any way to do it from the settings on the Pro version.

I put in a daily rule to restart the Video Doorbell Pro at 6:00 a.m.
I cannot really tell whether it rebooted or not.
I have tried it with Power saving mode ON and OFF, seems to not make a difference.
Pressing the “Sync Time” under advanced settings gives the “Operation Failed” message.
I don’t see a way to tell how long the device has been “up” either.
On the original VDB it shows an Activation Date under Device Info, the pro does not.
I am running the VDB Pro 1.0.68 firmware and up-to-date Android 2.38.1 (161) client.

Can someone please go into advanced settings on their video doorbell pro and see if they can do the “Sync Time” without getting “Operation Failed”.
Thanks very much!!

I recognize now that I’ve signed up, and in that I’m pretty darn late to the party… (sorry) but I just wanted to say it’s actually one of the few functions that works consistently for me. I have an enormous amount of random issues throughout most of my Wyze devices. Few of them just continue working without eventually having some minor, to jaw-droppingly debilitating issue(s).

Hopefully it was fixed in an update along the way for ya though. Cheers!

Firmware version: 1.0.73

Thanks for the reply!
The Sync Time actually works fine now, and has for a while!
Firmware update 1.0.73 must have fixed it, or just recharging the battery several times since January.
I still do not see a way to restart the Video Doorbell Pro from the Wyze Android app without using a rule.
I made double sure I still did not have that daily rule running to reboot the Doorbell Pro anymore though!
Thanks very much!