How do I tell when the wireless doorbell is fully charged?

I received my wireless doorbell, took it out of the package, and started charging it. But how can I tell when it’s fully charged? The button light seems mostly motion-oriented, not indicative of charging status.

In the manual it tells you what the doorbell indicator lights mean. White is charging and solid blue is fully charged.


When you add it to the app it will show the percentage charged on the live view screen.


Look on line at your battery

Thanks. Tried to read the quick start manual, was way too small, couldn’t find my readers.

This wasn’t an option for me, bought for my GF, didn’t want to set it up and then re-set it up at her place, just wanted to charge it and take it over.

That’s fine. Just another method. If you can’t use it maybe someone else can. :slight_smile:

Can you overcharge a wireless doorbell

Look on you app at the battery

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