How do I see footage when motion tagging was not on?

I have 7 cameras so far. I am happy to get notifications for the outdoor ones, but I don’t want a notification every time someone walks into our kitchen.

Indoor cameras have notifications off. But let’s say that I go shopping, come home, and the house is robbed. How do I see that footage? I can’t find a way to review the cloud footage unless it was motion tagged.

In the Wyze app tap on the camera you want to view, then tap the “View Playback” button at the bottom. You should see a timeline below the video now and you can drag it to the right to “rewind”. Pinch out to zoom in on the timeline for finer time increments.

It says “No Micro-SD card in the camera.”

My goal is to use the free two-weeks of cloud storage since someone can just destroy the local SD card.

Ah, in that case you can’t view anything but the 12 second alert. Only alert clips are stored in the cloud for 14 days, the Wyze Cam doesn’t support recording directly to the cloud.

I too have concerns about the microSD recordings being stolen/destroyed along with the camera, so I’ve set up my own system for “cloud recording” using a Fire 7 tablet running the Tinycam Pro app recording to my NAS (also supports Dropbox, FTP, etc). It’s not terribly complicated to set up but it’s not officially supported by Wyze. A setup guide for Wyze cameras on Tinycam is here:

Motion triggered cloud alerts and phone notifications are two separate things. Each camera can be set up to send a 12 second video to the cloud when motion is detected. If notifications are enabled, then you will get a phone notification whenever ANY of the motion enabled cameras detect motion. It is all or nothing. In other words, there is no option to enable notifications on a camera by camera basis. This, however, is a frequent request, so hopefully we will see that change in the Wyze app soon.

In the mean time, you can make an IFTTT recipe that will trigger a cloud clip recording when motion is detected on a specific camera. This will record the cloud clip without triggering the phone notification.