Newby- Questions...

I just got the WyzeCam…yea! I have the 32G SD card…all working great with my iPhone. Questions:

  1. I do not want to use the do/can/verify turn that off?
  2. Can I enable Motion Detection (etc.) and cause a 12-sec clip to be recorded to the SD card...and then be notified on my iPhone?
What I do not want is continuous recording and I have to watch days and days to find movement. So, basically, how do I enable motion notifications/alerts but record all stuff to my SD card and not use the cloud (other than initial connection?)

Thanks! Appreciate any response!



  1. In the Alerts Settings for the camera, make sure the switches for Motion, Sound, Smoke and CO detection are all off. Then there will be no cloud clips being sent.
  2. Yes and no. If you set the SD card recording (Advanced Settings > Local Storage) to Event Only, the camera will save all 1-minute video segments that contain motion to the cloud. However, there are no phone notifications in this mode. There is no way to get phone notifications without the Alerts (cloud clip) being enabled.
One exception to above is that you may be able to use an IFTTT recipe where the "IF" part is "camera detects motion" and the "THEN" part is a notification. However, I actually don't know if this IFTTT "IF" step works if motion cloud clips are turned off. You would have to experiment with that.

Thanks for the info…I played around a bit with IFTTT! Yes, it seems the Motion Detection must be on for IFTTT to work…which means alert clips go to the cloud.

(I just don’t like creating 100 accounts, I get tired of creating accounts, but that’s how things are these days, I guess. Now I have an IFTTT account, also!)

Anyway, IFTTT works fine and there are pre-defined triggers to send SMS or email when a Motion is detected. I know WyzeCam is small and inexpensive but it seems it could send an SMS or email notification data (i.e., date/time/camera) to the Wyze servers that could then package up the info into a real email/SMS and send it off that way. Then the Wyze servers are just a notification service instead of a data service also (if you choose to not use the cloud for imagery.)

Thanks again!