How do I run all zones once manually?

I would like to run more than one zone manually and without having to go to the controller. I see nothing in the app to even allow me to run a zone manually.

Also the only manual I see is the 8 page installation manual. I’m hoping there is more.

Thanks, matt

Quick run…just tell it which zones and for how long.

If I have to choose which zones and then reset the time to my preferred time EACH time I manually run my sprinklers then this thing is going back to Amazon. It’s useless if you can’t manually run a program of zones and times to water.

Are you saying that if you set the length of time for a zone to run under Quick Run, it will also change the length of time set for the zone to run in the schedule as well?

No, what I am saying is that Quick Run has to be configured each time you run it…at least from what I have found…which means it is useless. I would love to have the times I want each zone saved to the profile for that zone but that does not appear possible.

Quick Run SHOULD be a button to run all zones the number of minutes you have saved for that zone…like all sprinkler controllers I have ever seen. This one makes you run each zone individually, configuring it’s time one after the other so it is not an automatic run and it is ten times worse that a manual controller where I can just walk up, press one button and walk away knowing all my zones will cycle the number of minutes I have saved.

Since there appears no way to simply press one button to manually run all zones then this controller is absolutely useless unless they update the software to work like a sprinkler controller should. This is not a smart device because it has no clue how I want my yard watered and it won’t allow me to configure it the way I like.

I will gladly spend twice as much to get a sprinkler controller that actually works the way it is supposed to…this thing is going back to Amazon.