Customize sprinkler zone times

I got the Sprinkler system but cannot seem to customize the different zones and times. I have 4 zones and would like to have my 4th zone (plants, trees, flowers, watering for longer. I can’t seem to make that happen. I keep telling myself I am the problem, but see no way of customizing that.

Anyone have insight?

How are you running your other zones currently? Did you make a schedule and is that whats starting/stopping things? If so all you would need to do is just adjust the run time per zone to what you would prefer.

When I try to do it it only gives me the option to do the front lawn.

When you go into Settings → System, are your zones properly showing and setup? Or is it just the one Front Lawn one you are seeing?

This solved it. I didn’t know I had to go to Settings - system. Thanks!

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