How do I know the IP number of the camera?


See my comment, may God protect you

There is another option, look into “cam plus lite”, which is a pay what you want (including $0) which allows 12 second cloud events with person detection ai.

More info here:

Wyze had a beta firmware that you would manually load in the camera which added those features, but has since been pulled as it’s future is being worked out. More info in that here:


Thanks for this explanation. But I didn’t get anything from it. This is talking about Cam Plus Lite app. by mobile. and I want to run the cam from the computer ???

Look at this person, very cool, but unfortunately I think that the company canceled the RTSP service and no longer works in the application

I am aware of your end goal, I was responding with an alternative cloud service to the regular camplus service that you mentioned above. You mentioned that the yearly price is “crazy”, I responded with a free alternative. The below was your bullet pointed comment.

The previously available RTSP firmware has been removed from the website while it is reevaluated. The link I posted above has a good explanation about what is happening straight from the source:

RTSP was considered a beta feature and we are currently assessing the path forward as the firmware versions have aged quite a bit. We have removed the firmware files for these versions for now and we’ll update the pages when plans are finalized. Please note that firmware files take a while to work on and test so you may not see an update in the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Well unfortunately your options right now are limited. You can use the beta web view to view your live streams and cloud events from a web browser, but each cam you want to access needs a “cam plus” license. There is the route of using an emulator to run programs like Tiny cam or even the official Wyze app from a computer platform, but I get the hunch that this isn’t a route you want to take due to the resource demand the emulators have on a system. These are a few options.


Believe me, I thank you for every letter and every word you wrote for me, and I appreciate it. But believe me, all companies cameras have software on the computer. If the company sells the item to customers and puts an application on the mobile. What prevents the company to put a program on the computer.

Trust me, I’m not here to speak for myself. Rather, I speak on behalf of the thousands of customers who love to use computers to record everything while they are away from home. Thus, the company will lose a lot of customers regarding this addition.

Believe me it is just advice. Because many will buy another product that has a program running on the computer. Therefore, believe me, there is no convincing reason for the company to develop a computer program. It is just a tip for the company. And it has the freedom to decide whether to make an application for the computer or not. The decision is theirs

Finally, thank you again for all the help you tried to give me. I thank everyone who helped me, especially Brother carverofchoice , who really tried to help me in every sense of the word. Thank you all. I wish you a nice week. God bless everyone

A picture says a thousand words
Everyone cries because there is no software application on the computer

A picture says a thousand words

Everyone cries because there is no software application on the computer

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Even without the caption, seeing all those people crying makes me cry. :wink:

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Maybe because I don’t run a lot of processor or memory intensive stuff and the gear I have is ample and up to the task, BlueStacks Android 7 emulator and tinyCam suits me well.

I don’t run it as a constant cam monitor, though, which may figure in…

Also, BlueStacks probably wants to be as ‘up in your business’ as anyone else, so you add a layer there. :expressionless:

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I really thank everyone for trying to help me. But believe me BlueStacks and many other Android emulators I tried, but they are heavy on the device, even though my device has an I core 5 processor and 16 GB RAM.

I do not want this software for one application, I tried the Wyze application on BlueStacks and it works on the computer

So I’m really surprised how a big company like this can’t make an app for the computer. Believe me, a lot of customers are looking for an Cam that works with mobile and computer.

There is no rationale for Wyze to make an application for the computer. Trust me, there is no logical reason

My question to the administrators and moderators of the Wyze forum, please one person convince me because of one reason why the company does not have a computer application.

I swear to you about me and all of the clients you will lose a lot of clients because of this. The decision is yours and you know the interest of the company. And please, then please do not talk about subscribing to Cam Plus. Because it is not an adequate solution. Thank you from the heart.

Unfortunately all still crying !!!

Believe me, everyone is still in pain and crying, and some even sold half their house to get this app. Unfortunately, the company is still ignoring customer requests. We’re in the 25th century and Wyze still frustrates everyone. Looks like we’ll keep crying for a long time. Sorry, my friends and my customers

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If I was a Wyze Administrator, which I am not…(I do not work for or represent Wyze in anyway), but if I was even a consultant for them, I would tell them not to waste the resources to develop a desktop specific app for the following reasons:

  1. Why waste the time and resources of their limited devs toward developing a separate app when Windows is already going to natively support Android apps soon, and Apple computers already support iOS apps? It would be a complete waste of time and resources. Just wait a while and everyone can use the app they’ve already developed. This will cover 97% of the market without any additional cost or wasted time that could be better spent on more critical issues, including a redesign of the Wyze app in general to resolve all the design debt that is preventing us getting things like themes, dark mode, and landscape mode.

  2. Unnecessary for there to be a number 2, though I could give other reasons. From a consultant POV, reason 1 is HUGE.

I say the above as a business owner, and having consulted other businesses on strategies. I would tell Wyze the above if their management asked me (which they didn’t).

The VP said they are working on some interesting changes though…we’ll learn more info this fall.

Having said that, there is a good argument to be made for developing a “Web App” in that they could avoid platform taxes on their profit margins. Apple and Google are ridiculously gouging business owners to access their platforms. Developing a Web App could be a great solution, but such things are not popular and hardly anyone would use it, and lots of people would be confused and demand they put an app on the App Store and Google Play. So, based on the primary market, it’s still best to continue offering an app on iOS and Android as long as that’s what people expect…and then it doesn’t make as much sense to develop a web app that will not be used by the majority of the market share. Plus they would gain very little monetary value from said development if only a small percentage of people used it instead of their app.

So in the end, from a business perspective it’s a better move to just let Windows make their Android app compatible and devote those same resources toward other critical projects as a higher priority.

The above is all just my personal opinion, not representing Wyze’s reasons (which I do not speak for).

EDIT Clarification: When I say Web App, I am not referring to the “Webview” they’ve developed for cameras…I am referring to the equivalent of the entire Wyze app as a Web App…many devs have tried to transition from app store/play store apps to web apps, but they are rarely to never as successful because currently, most people EXPECT them to have an app in those locations instead of a browser.

I agree with KyGuy2002 that I think the Webview will eventually be extended free to everyone with Cam Plus Lite…but I think that will be a good long time from now, at least 2023 if not 2024 at my soonest possible expectation. Probably sometime after the Wyze app is already available natively on Windows through Windows Android support.


Also, the web view is currently only for cam plus, but I don’t see a reason why it couldn’t be free in the future. Many cam plus features are slowely being brought to cam plus lite, so we view may be someday.

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If you hadn’t returned all your poker winnings you could afford to subsidize all the pathetic bereft! :wink:

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Yes, good point as far as the webview for cameras is concerned (the beta offering that is currently out there). I believe they will eventually make that part free.

For clarification of anyone reading, when I said “web app” in my previous response, I wasn’t referring to the current webview, I was referring to an all in one web app that would basically include the entire interface of the Wyze App and all devices.


Plus plus for pathos, brother…


…but Wyze are hard-bitten technocrats, they cry only ice cold digital tears. :slight_smile:


Is a Web App a browser Extension or something much more fully blown? I expect the latter.

User 1: This fully blows.
User 2: Yeah. That’s a Web App.

Your expanded answer above is quite interesting and useful. :slight_smile:

If regular folk fully comprehended how convoluted this whole business is well I don’t know what but at least they’d know it. :dizzy_face:


Believe me, I am here speaking for myself and on behalf of many clients. Unfortunately, many customers this forum did not notice. Because this forum believe me if it reaches customers. Everyone and I’m talking about 95% of them here will talk about finding a solution for a web application on the computer.

Overall, I thank everyone who entered and participated in this wonderful discussion, which gave me a little time to get to know wonderful people who are looking for knowledge and finding solutions.

In any case, I hope for myself and all clients that our voice reaches the supervisors and managers regarding a solution to this experiment. I thank everyone who participated in the discussion without exception.

Hopefully we will meet soon after this discussion reaches the supervisors and managers if they have time to discuss this discussion at their next meeting. May God bless you all and keep you. I wish everyone a happy holiday and thank you


For those that want to help promote some wishlist items related to viewing Wyze cameras on a computer, here are some wishlist topics that could use your vote and/or use case comments to help further their futures.


thank you for your comment. But believe me, I have been using the Wyze cam for two years, and the cam is very cool, and I tried for a while to find a program, but unfortunately I got tired. The important thing in the matter is that you say that we go to vote. This is good, and you must know that 95% want this solution and an application on the computer

But the problem is to vote if you find a little vote on this solution. Don’t be surprised that you won’t get many clients.

Do you know why?

Because most users swear to you they don’t know about this forum. I am one of them. See the largest example. I’ve been using Wyze Cam for two years and didn’t know this forum until a week ago. So don’t be surprised if you don’t get a lot of votes. Because most customers are not aware of this forum.

Because they swear to you, if they know about this forum, you will find the vote to solve this problem 100%, they will vote yes.

Decision and vote for you before the customer vote. If you want to make sure that many do not know the forum. See the volume of cam sales and see the volume of voting. You will find thousands of customers who buy Wyze Cam but are not aware of this forum. Thus, you will know the size of the vote

Greetings to you and all the site admins

There are links and references all over to the different community platforms that Wyze has. If folks want to find them, it’s fairly easy. Here is the “Join the Community” link from, there is the community links in the app, and Support directs folks here to the forums and it’s wishlist when appropriate. Just to name a few of the references.

Here is the in app link page: