How do I install my WazeLock

My door has one plate
That covers the knob and the lock.

The thumb part had a ring inside holding thr thumb wheel to the inside of the plate. I had to put the plate back on and now there is a piece sticking through. But the screws are covered by the plate.

Can I still attach it on top of the plate?
Will I have to remove rhe
Plate and see if I can find a
Half plate to cover the knob?
Or am I sol?


The best way to install is to remove the plate and install directly on the door. If you want to use the plate you have, you will have to do some modification on it for the Screw Holes and the center post which plugs into the Lock. It may not be long enough to connect it to the lock.

There are 3 plates.

  1. Decorative (above)
  2. Metal plate that turns the lock when the doorknob turns.

If I take that plate off, I see this

I could probably even take this off and install on bare wood.

3 places? Where is best