How do I get notifications?

I just bought Wyzecam v2 for basic need to watch my dad’s front door. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get notified that there is movement at the front door. I see a person at the front door in real time but there is no notification on my iPhone. Is there somewhere online that explains how the current wyze app works? I have push notification turned on . I do not have an SD card in the cam. Is that necessary?

In the app; go to Account > Notifications > Push notifications and turn that on.
Tap your Dad’s door cam, tutn Notifications on. Turn on All other motion events.

You can also go to Account > App settings snd enable Running in the background.

That should be all you need.

No, you do not need an SD card for notifications. They are handy though. The SD card allows you record longer events or even continuously.

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I have notifications on and have not received any. I assume the push notifications should be going to my phone, but I get nothing, I can see movement live but then I thought there would be a notification of that movement.

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Same with me. Have never received a push notification and have had these cameras for 2+ years. Is there a fix for this? All my settings are on for Push Notification.

Same. It used to work and I was bombarded. Now it is not working AT ALL. I have searched forums, reset my account to the ‘license’ feature they asked me to do, and still nothing.