Only getting push notifications from one camera

I have 7 wyze cameras. Until now I have never used the push notifications. I recently added a front door camera. The camera is shared with the wife and both she and I get notifications from the front camera. No matter what I do the other cameras wont notify.

The motion tagging is on along with push on each camera. Under accounts the notifications are also on. The notification symbol is on on the home screen.

I have deleted and re-enrolled each camera, Factory reset camera. Deleted and reinstalled the app. Even tried adding a new account. Nothing works.


Motion tagging is just an overlay on the screen showing where the camera is detecting motion, but it does not affect or help events being saved or notifications in itself. sounds like you have notifications enabled, but what about the event recording settings for each camera? If you go into the events tab in the app are you getting event videos from any camera other than your doorbell? Notifications are sent after receiving cloud event videos so if you are receiving videos with no notifications it’s one thing but if you aren’t receiving event videos and notifications, that’s something different.

Make sure detects motion is enabled in your cameras event recording settings. We’ll start there for troubleshooting, after enabling that are you getting notifications now?