How do I find out what WiFi service I’m on for my base station?

I have two Wi-Fi’s in my house. I need to find out how to see what my station is using. Outdoor cameras have been working great and all of a sudden base station isn’t hooked up to WiFi. Thanks!!

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If it isn’t connected to WiFi it is going to be difficult to get to the Device Info page to see what network it is connecting to. Even if you could get there, the Network probably will be blank since it isn’t connected.

You might be able to go thru the Router Admin UI and look for the MAC address of the device in the logs to see where it was connecting.

Can I just delete my base station and re install it? Will it still hook up to my cameras? Thanks!

Don’t delete it from the app. That isn’t necessary.

If a power cycle on the base and the routers don’t put it back online, just do a new device setup and it should match with the MAC address for the device already installed in the app and reconnect. That way any settings you have saved in the app will remain there.

Ok thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Ok, it tells me that the base station belongs to another account. Also, if I go to Device info page, it says
Change Connection: Offline
WiFi Network: Not set.
I’m stumped!

Can’t you connect the base via ethernet to set it up then switch to the wireless network of your choice? it may say it is on another account because maybe your phone is not on the same network you set it up on originally or you are using different information from what was originally used. ???

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Got it working!!! Thanks for your help!!

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