Change WiFi on Base Station

I am having a problem with trying to change my WiFi connection with NO help from support. The person I spoke with on the phone did not even know the Base Station can use WiFi now.

My issue is with trying to change the WiFi. I bought a new router/hub and each time I go through the steps to configure it, it reverts back to looking for my old WiFi and this is even after I do a hard reset of the base station. I connect via ethernet line, input my new router info into the WiFi connection, disconnect the ethernet and boom, it goes back to looking for the old WiFi. Something is clearly wrong with the software/app. At first I will see my new WiFi info under the WiFi settings but after I click into it and try to reenter the password, it says “Failed” and then going back to Device Settings, it now shows the OLD WiFi.

I tried also setting up via my older iPad that uses 2.4ghz knowing that Wyze only works with that connection.

Any help would be great since Support was zero.

Is your iPad already set up on the new router /hub 2.4 network? How did you reset the base, just turning it off or did you reset it using a paper clip in the tiny hole above the USB port on the left side. Maybe you should have just used the SSID and password from your old network on the new one.

Yes on on the iPad being on the 2.4 and I reset the base using a paper clip. I have done it 3x with the same result. Something is wrong with the base software if the reset does not erase all the settings. The old router is not in use and deleted from from iPad options. All my other Wyze products (3 cameras) had no problems connecting and I used an IPhone connected via 5ghz to do it.

I was hoping someone might have had same issue and figured out. Too much to go back and change all my devices to old SSID. Have not been pleased with this outdoor cam so will just sell on eBay if can’t figure out.

Outlook for iOS - Please excuse errors.

Yes I read someplace else that the reset with the paper clip does not do a true factory reset. One person reported he did it and tried to add it back to the app using different information from the original set up and it said that the base was already registered to another account?? I don’t know I haven’t tried it yet but maybe I will after I get the new base WYZE shipped me yesterday. My current base works great as far as communicating with the cams and sending the event clips to the server, but they are sending me another to try because I can’t download event clips like I used to be able to do. I assume the base works with it plugged via ethernet, just won’t work on the wi-fi. I have my base connected via ethernet but the wi-fi shows which ever my network my phone is connected to if I want to use wi-fi.

I can add back in as “new” to the app (and deleted my camera out) but it clearly has the old data in it so it is not fully resetting. Yes, I works via the ethernet on the new network. Probably need a fully fresh and new one. Support was supposed to email if/when they figured it out.

Good luck, it took me 19 emails without results. I then finally called support at 1-844-999-3226 , call answered on the second ring and after a 15-20 min. talk they said they were shipping a new base, which they did.

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I am having the exact same problem - did you ever find a solve for this?