Base will not connect to Wifi

I have connected / reconnected reset/ rebooted/ everything I can think of to get my wyze base station to connect to my wifi… it never recognizes my base station so I have to scan the QR code… I have the blue light … I have the bind wifi on my iPhone. it start to scan my wifi (sometimes) but every time it does it fails. the base is plugged into my router… I have powered it on off several times…started from scratch… same results. … it can’t be this hard… what am I missing …also. the app is up to date… there is no base listed in devices/account to update firmware

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There’s a new App update. Check your phone for update for the app and cameras. Have you watched the YouTube Vid for setup.

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I also am having this problem, I have the latest update through TestFlight. I’ve tried my regular router, my mesh router, using the MAC address and QR code. Not sure what I’m missing?

Same exact thing here
Mesh - straight from the router MAC address
Nada nothing

Same here. I can see and ping it on the network, just can’t set it up. Sent in an email to support yesterday, no reply yet.

This ain’t rocket science- I have 7 other cameras up and running fine. I sent 2 support requests but no response so far


I have the same issue, base has blue light and I can see it has IP on router admin page but I can’t get the Wyze app to see it, to set it up as recognized base unit. Just fails every time

No response from wyze support
And tried everything and still will not connect

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Wyze Support, may you:

Same here… love the other products and expected setup of new products to continue to get easier… but this outdoor cam setup isn’t ready for prime time.


I have seen people report issues connecting if they have a VPN running on the phone they are using to do the connection with

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I’m good now

Connected using my iPad

Where does the QR code come into play when installing the base station?

Turn off mobile data on your device and try installing the base station. Another thread said that their Ethernet cable didn’t seat properly and once seated correctly the setup worked.

It works fine with android or iOS 13 - it will not work with ios14 (that was my issue)

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My issue is not whether it works with the mobile device it’s that the base won’t set up at all. Blue light just flashes, pause then repeat. But the device can be seen from the router and is pingable from my devices on the same network.


Did you install the card before setup?.

Setting up the outdoor Base station, follow instruction and be patient :nerd_face:

It doesn’t require a card for setup. The SD card is for storage of videos.

Instructions are not hard. Plug the ethernet cable in, plug the power in, wait for the blue light to stay on solid. It’s set there for several hours a couple of times a day for the last several days with the same results. Blue light does not go solid, just keeps flashing.
Still no reply from support either.
I have a few of the wired cams running, no issue.

The setup procedure seems convoluted to me… There are other players in the ip camera market that have made the setup basically ‘plug and play’. Wyze should follow that example