How do I continue to use my single account on 2 iOS devices

Hello, recently Wyze added 2 factor as a requirement, that is fine but my other device got logged off and when I logged back in it said Trust this device or not trust BUT it is only for 30 days :pensive:

Can Wyze make it that we can log in from 2 devices with a single account. I use it to watch over my parents home, they have the iPad and I view it on an iPhone. but with this method I am logged off after 30days.

If anyone have any ideas how I can view my cameras without any interruptions please let me know how. Best would be of not change what worked before. Thanks

According to the email that Wyze sent out about the change, it also states this:

Can I disable 2FA?

If you feel strongly about leaving your account unprotected, you can disable 2FA in your account settings after it has been turned on. Please don’t do this, but if you do, make sure you have a very strong password that is not being used for anything else.

Of course that is not recommended, and do make sure to understand the risks involved and do what you decide to do. :slight_smile:

One solution is to use an authentication app (such as Google Authenticator - there are others). You can install that on multiple devices, and selectively share which authentications to share from one device to another. Then setup your Wyze account to use the authentication app rather than a text for 2FA. Problem solved.

Is the account yours, or theirs?
For example, I have two wall mounted iPads that display one of my cameras 24/7. I’ve had 2FA enabled ever since it was first offered way back and haven’t noticed any changes with how they work or being auto logged out. The two tablets are always logged in to my same account and I can also use my phone at the same time. If for some reason I have to log out of one of the iPads, (which is very rare) and re-login, I just get the code on my phone for the iPad, but they all stay logged in, even after force closing the app.

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Hey Thank you Everyone, for all the good suggestions,

Didn’t know you can opt out of the 2 factor, Appreciate it [Omgitstony]

[raym64] your setup is pretty intriguing I might do something similar :blush: