How do I CHANGE the wireless network and/or password for bulbs?

I can’t believe this is so difficult to find instructions for. Google top result is only how to set up new and forum searches come up with other people frustrated over the same thing.

Is there an official support article detailing how to do it?

I have dozens of color and white bulbs and I want to move them to new 2.4only SSID I created for cheap IoT gear like this that has a hard time with dual band SSID. But regardless of my particular case, is the only way really to get out the ladder and setup each bulb like new again and rename them and do the groups and automation all again? And Alexa and Google…


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You will need to run parts of the setup again. If you do a factory reset on them and then just add them back all the automations and such will still be there. Unfortunately, running the setup process is the only way to change the SSID/password for wifi on ANY of the Wyze products. If it’s an option, use the same SSID and password on the 2.4ghz dedicated IOT network. It allows the devices to continue working without having to go through all the setup again.