How do I access the video recorded on the MicroSD card ?

After several trials of formatting SD card and rebooting the device, the device finally detects the SD card and I am able to record video MANUALLY by clicking the RECORD icon (and see the video saved in the album). However, for those videos captured automatically by the device which were triggered by the motion detection, how do I access them ? I don’t see them in the album, however I do see the SD card storage has been drawn down, so something must have be recorded.

Please help. Thanks

First of all, when you click the “Record” icon, you are NOT recording to the uSD card in the camera - you are recording to your phone.

On the screen that is watching live video, at the bottom of the screen is a large green button that says “View Playback”. Press that button and you will see the timeline with a green highlight where there is video. You can scroll the timeline by dragging the timeline with your finger. If you use two fingers in a pinch out move, the timeline will expand to the point where you can select time within a few seconds.


Thanks. I see. However, after clicking the View Playback I have a hard time finding the videos from the time line. Any tip on how to do it ? Thanks

As K6CCC says, use a pinch-out gesture (put two fingers on the timeline and spread them apart). The time scale will zoom in giving your finer control.

Also, keep in mind that this video recorded to the mSD card is completely independent of the 12 second alert clips that are recorded to the cloud based on motion or sound. To find those, click the Notifications tab at the bottom of the app.