How can I prevent ANY videos from being stored in the cloud?

I’m using an sd card for local storage and have notification alerts set to ON. In this scenario, what is actually being stored in the cloud? Any video clips at all?

With notification alerts on, video is being stored in the cloud. You will see the clips under the Notifications tab in the app.

To disable all cloud storage, tap the gear icon, then Alert Settings and turn OFF the Motion, Sound, Smoke and CO Alarm switches.

You can still have local SD card recording enabled even though the Alerts are off. Set that up in Advanced Settings > Local Storage.

So I’m assuming I have to do it this way if I want alerts? For videos stored in the cloud, does anyone have access to view them other than me? Wyze employees? Others?

Correct: if you want notifications, you have to have cloud videos. Nobody has access to them if they don’t have your Wyze credentials. See this:


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