Will my camera record to both the cloud and SD Card simultaneously? Wyze Cam v2

I set up the camera and my phone app has both the option to view ALERT VIDEOS and scroll back to any part of the continuous footage. So does that mean I have both the full footage stored on the SD Card and ALERT VIDEOS stored on the cloud simultaneously?

I need to know so that If my camera is discovered and smashed I will still be able to recover the ALERT VIDEOS from the android app despite the physically destruction of the SD card(containing the continuous footage).


Thank You

The cloud will contain 12 seconds and the SD card the full event


That is correct. You can enable Alert Clips and SD card recording independently. The only flaw right now as far as retaining the clips if the camera is stolen is that if the camera is reset to another account, the previous cloud clips are lost. Wyze is working on a solution for this.