How can I make my motion sensor less sensitive (Pam v2)?

I just installed the Pam v2 outside. It get many notifications about detected motion but nothing is really happening. I believe it may be caused by bushes and ferns moving slightly in the wind. Is there a way to make it less sensible?


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Yes, you can change the sensitivity of the cameras motion detection. See the attached article for information. If you need further help feel free to ask.

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Someone said the sweet spot was 3.

I haven’t had any luck even at 0.

Do keep in mind these cameras are designed for indoor use. A lot of us, like me, use them outdoors but that’s with the understanding that they are not meant for such use. Motion detection in outdoor cameras is usually of a different type all together. It’s a little unfair to criticize a camera for not working in a situation it was never meant to.

Outside presents a number of challenges for motion detection not usually present inside. Chief among these is foliage and the wind. But add to that, rain, snow, fog, wildlife and you have a number of things “moving” that you don’t have to deal with inside.

Not to say inside does not have its own challenges such as dust, kids, pets and bugs but overall it’s usually less.