Camera Sensitivity setting when using motion detectors

I am attempting to setup the motion sensors to be more accurate when triggering. I have found that 90 % of my triggers seem to be caused by non IR related motion (wind in the bushes). How should I set the sensitivity on those cameras. I tried setting it all the way down hoping this would depend more on the IR motion sensor, but that does not seem to work, Still most of my triggers are wind related.

It’s an unfortunate problem when using PIR outdoors. I have several trail/game cameras that I use in the woods for wildlife and they also use PIR detectors. They need both heat and movement to trigger, but what happens is that the sun creates warm areas on bushes, tree branches, etc, and when the wind moves them, it triggers the sensors. I also get photos from triggers caused by sun/shadow movement from tree branches moving even when nothing in direct view moves. When the sensors are used indoors, there’s hardly ever a false motion trigger due to lack of wind and sun.

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I’ve had the same issues with using the Wyze cams outdoors.
I set the detection zone an area that didn’t false trip.
Use the motion sensors across walk paths, some with a plastics pipe on the detection done to limit the detection angle down to about 5 degrees or so.
They became more like a laser line trip sensor …the trick is knowing where you aim them that on the other end is clear of anything the wind can move.

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Sorry to hear that. I have no need to detect motion inside, so I guess i will have to look at other products.

Thank you for your responses. (will try limiting the trigger zone, but that has not worked so for)

I’ve found that the trick with the motion detectors- not the cam motion detection- really does lie in basically where you point them. A little change can make a big difference. Once I get mine the way I like I usually turn off the cam detection.
A suggestion in reference to @charlie.chisholm‘s suggestion would be to expand on the’ Laser trip line’ idea and place an object, like a board or known immobile surface, across the zone for the motion sensor to focus on. That should eliminate false positives.

This has limited my false trips extremely.
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