How Can I Improve My Night Time Recording?

Hi, I just bought the cam-V3 to help find out who has been damaging my car in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the parking lot has a lot of lamp posts that are emitting too much light and making the video capture not so great.

Is there anything that I can do to improve this? The camera is placed within my apartment.
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I’m not sure there’s much you can do in this situation aside from moving the camera closer to the vehicle or you could try using the OG-T camera, which has a 3x telephoto lense. Even that may not work though since the lamp is so close to the car.

You could try aiming the cam so the car is in view but the lamp is not, though I’m not sure if that would help.


And not trying to look through the window would help.
At the distance, even with perfect image quality, the image size would be so small it would still likely be useless. You could try the OG-T as IEatBeans suggested. Below is a comparison I have posted a few times that compares a V3 (top), V2 (middle), and OG-T (bottom) that are sitting side by side.


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I have a cam that I shoot thru a window as well. It isn’t the best application for a cam though. Especially at that distance which has already been mentioned.

If shooting thru a window is required rather than placing it outside the window, some things to consider:

  • No IR Night Vision. That has to be off. The LED IR Lights on the face of the cam will cause a washout reflection.
  • No Cam Status Light. That also has to be off. Again, reflection.
  • No Backlight. Any light in the room will reflect off the glass into the lens and will cause washout and reflection. Note the reflection of your Levelor blinds in the glass as well as the mysterious and wonderful UFO :alien: produced in the center of the image caused by what looks to be a BR30 Can Light reflecting from the background. You may need to place the cam in a shade to block out backlight if you can’t get the room completely dark. Wyze makes and sells one also linked.below.
  • It is best if the face of the cam is flat against the glass. If it is not, you have a distinct possibility of the glass unevenly distorting the light coming thru the glass and causing image anomalies.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the comments and suggestions!

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