Hoping to get help with cam v2 speeded up video problem

I have 3 cam v2 cameras, and two were the black versions when they were only offered at certain times. Black Friday? Years ago. (The trimmed-for-file-size uploaded video is only to get people’s attention, but does demo the problem.)
The oldest white colored v2 is the one for the couple patio shots.
All squirrels from the two back-of-cabin aimed cams show how those two cams now save video speeded up. Kind of worked for the humor where I was trying to show what this one crazy squirrels day was like, but… all video taken and stored in the cloud via motion detection or even just recorded and saved directly to Photos on iPhone and/or iPad - are speeded up all the time now.
I’d already done all the things I knew Wyze would suggest (restart cams, uninstall and reinstall, update app and firmware). Apps are up to date and one black cam was firmware-updated to while the other left at
The white cam looking onto the patio is at and does not record anything speeded up. For years now all cams worked without any speed-up problems.
Wyze support back-and-forth is now just saying “too bad” and sorry they can only give me a couple bucks off a new purchase. What? Nothing has happened to the two black cams that aren’t working, other than firmware updates.
Anybody have any experience with speeded-up videos?
Please don’t tell me that Wyze products are now considered “throw away” disposables…
Heavy sigh, and sorry the video was clipped at the end to be able to upload it. No real punchline, but a bit cleaner ending is missing…