Hooking up Wyze Doorbell to electric strike


In order to leave packages at my doorstep, delivery personnel needs to go through a small gate that has a passcode with electric strike. I usually just tell them the code over the phone. I don’t consider this area as high-security since it’s still outside.

As I’m a Wyze customer already (Home security + cams) I wanted to use the doorbell products to talk to whoever is coming and open the gate for them remotely.

Is there any way I can get my electric strike (12V) to talk to the doorbell?

In case the answer is no, is there any way I can have the “open/lock” icon on the app to appear even when not connected to Wyze lock? I can hook up my raspberry pi to listen to some event and open the gate (I can connect the raspberry to the 12V gate using a relay)

Appreciate any help!

There’s no way you can get a button to show on the doorbell live stream, but you could use a Wyze plug as a relay, or the garage door controller, this would just require you to exit the live stream and select the other device to trigger it.

I don’t think there’s currently any good solutions to this