Home Monitoring Sense Hub - Why no Event Triggers?

This is beyond me.

I just can’t understand why the Sense Hub does not integrate within the Wyze ecosystem as the other devices.
Why isn’t there “Arming” and “Disarming” events where you could properly automate the other components based on these 2 trivial events?

Anyone found a proper and “clean” way to do this - that is without creating a shortcut?

Not sure if this meets your needs, but when you go into HMS you will see it on the main page. Then you clickk on more. Here are a few screens.

The HMS function of the Hub has been quarantined from Rules and Routines Triggers and Actions since it’s release.

It is currently on the #wishlist in a “Maybe Later” status.

Please support the effort, follow the link, vote at the top, drop some like :heart: hearts around and add a comment at the bottom.


Thanks for pointing.


I got some Search-Fu assistance from a Search Sensei to help me locate this post.

I knew I remembered reading something hopeful on the topic:



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