Home Monitoring: Home vs Away Schedule Create Rule

Former iSmartAlarm user here. Home monitoring bundle arrived today and activated. Installed the sensors, motion doctor and keypad. Will install cameras later. Here’s the question/issue…

There is a Home and an Away mode for the home monitoring security system. For me… Home = I’m home and want to activate the security system while I’m home.

Specifically, I want the system turned ON at a certain hour at night and OFF in the AM. I see how I can set each sensor with its own rules. BUT …. How do I distinguish between Home vs Away?

When I’m Away, I want the system to ignore the turn on/off times and always be on. When I’m home, I know i have the keypad to turn on/off but would prefer to just have all the sensors on a schedule like I used to do with IFTTT and iSmartAlarm.

Does anyone have any solutions/recommendations?


You can’t do that with the Wyze app. Rules can’t control HMS. You might be able to do that with ifttt and possibly Home Assistant. You assign the sensors to home and/or away mode which controls which ones will activate an alarm, but there isn’t any way to schedule any of this at specific times. Everything is manual right now.

Ok… I looked at IFTTT and didn’t really find an applet that would solve this.

Have a question for the HMS community - what’s the difference between Home and Away if you can’t control the sensor settings for each mode?

If you’re home, perhaps you don’t want the Motion Sensor or Indoor camera activated. Is this something you can set? If not, I’m not sure the Home/Away mode is necessary.

You are able to select which sensors are used in home and away mode. The settings are under the Home Monitoring Settings tab Home & Away. The cameras play basically NO role in HMS. You can’t control them but you can view them. You are limited to 5.

New here to wyze and came across this forum. I can’t seem to figure out if the alarm can be turned on and off at certain times via a rule like you mentioned. I would like it to auto arm Home at around 11pm and turn off at 5am

As I stated, there is no way to do this currently with the Wyze App. You may be able to accomplish it with third party solutions, but not the app.

Does anyone knows if this is in the roadmap? @WyzeGwendolyn do you have any information about this? Since I found the wyze cameras I became a wyze promoter, but this is really disappointing, arm/disarm manually is a huge pain point