Home Monitoring (HMS) - What happens when system is armed and internet goes out?

I just set up my HM system a couple days ago. The main reason I got the system is to be notified if the doors open during the night. I have only used it armed one night so far…I’m wondering what will happen when my internet goes out in the middle of the night. for some reason (it may be a scheduled router reset) my internet goes out every couple of days at about 3:00 AM. If I have my system armed, and the internet goes out (or power), what will happen to the system when the internet comes back, as well as if the internet doesn’t come back, but I have to disarm to leave for work? Can I still disarm it with the keypad without the hub being connected to wifi?
I’m assuming if the system is armed and there is no internet it won’t be able to contact noonlight…which is fine, but will it still alert me that a door has been opened?

Sorry, I just don’t want to mess something up and get law enforcement sent to my house for no reason.

Is the hub connected by an ethernet cable? Unplug it and test the arm/disarm function. If wireless, you could disconnect from the internet at your router and test.

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Noonlight will always call your cellphone before dispatching law enforcement. Don’t worry about testing your system. Just do it during the daytime and see what happens.

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That doesn’t really answer the question of what happens when there is no internet connection. To test that you need to disconnect in some way.

The answer to this is what you need to test. The keypad and hub should have a connection but not sure if the hub needs the internet to verify the PIN in order to disarm the system.

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Anyone ? I’ve been trying to find out if the siren sound when triggered comes from the speaker or its own mounted internal buzzer like device. I don’t want the risk of the loud siren. To that end, I disassembled the hub, took the speaker out and found something to deaden the sound and put it back in. Interestingly, the little red tape one side round mounting tape for the Wyze cam is exactly the right size. Didn’t pull the paper off, just placed it in the center of the speaker hole and put the speaker back in. Then screwed it back together.

Even on the highest volume I haven’t found it to be particularly loud when compared to competitors. I think you will be fine

Per the FAQ for the Home Monitoring System:

Although we don’t support cellular backup, the Sense Hub has a battery backup in the case of a power outage. And if your internet connection drops, Wyze Home Monitoring Service will still work locally with its local siren.

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  1. I have a strong backup battery for my modem, router and now the HM hub. gives me 15-30 minutes.
  2. Wyze should have a ‘heartbeat’ function to test into the hub once a minute, e.g., so it can alarm the company for internet out.
  3. I worry more about thieves cutting the internet cable … its right there on the house. my old system used a cell phone connection to counter that threat. I have old smart phones … Wzye need to figure a way for using an old smart phone to call the monitoring company in parallel with the internet alarm signal.

This is why I have the system still in the Box. Protecting your Home is #1 and Security System should have cellular backup. I was attracted to Wyze products to the Value but Wyze Home Security System was a BAD purchase. I am going back to Ring as there Home Security System HAS cellular backup ($100 yr with 24/7 Professional Monitoring).

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I was watching some Youtube videos on setting the HMS up. And there’s several. One guy played the siren and said it exceeded 110 decibels. So, no, I don’t think so.

I got back to my original question. Is the speaker sound a separate device than the siren device inside the hub? If it is, I am trying to mute the speaker because I can’t find the siren button. Anyone know what component or module on the hub mb is the siren/siren generator?

Thanks for the reply