Home Monitoring Climate Sensor Alert bug

Tonight I got an alarm on my Home Monitoring Hub + a text alert from Noonlight that I have a freezing temperature situation on my garage… but my garage sensor is NOT part of the Monitored Sensor List… on top of that it does NOT have any rule or Notification enabled.
It is clearly a bug, right ?
Btw my system is Disarmed.

I have my Garage Climate Sensor listed in the Environment settings as a General Sensor not included in Monitoring.

As you can see, the temp got down to 24° this week. It did alert me by push notification because I have it set to notify below 35°, however it did not trigger an HMS Hazard Remediation Alarm or an Alert to Noonlight.

What firmware is on your hub and climate sensor. What version of the App are you using?

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My Firmwares
climate sensor:

Wyze Android App: 2.38.0

Got 2 more HMS Hazard Remediation Alarm (for freezing temperature) + Noonlight Alerts from 2 other climate sensors.
Those were monitored… BUT the temperature did NOT reach the threshold level… so looks like another bug. (+ the alert does not appear in the history chart)

For now I have removed all my sensors from the monitored list.