Home Monitoring - cannot change mode using app and Monitoring Event are not updating

Using Wyze app v2.44.1 (327) on Google Pixel 7 Pro and Moto E6,

  1. When I try to change modes from Home to Disarmed or from Disarmed to Home, app tells me the mode change has failed. I have tried many times.

  2. When I view the Monitoring Events list, it’s out of date by several hours.

  3. For the last couple of months, when I switch to the Monitoring page from another page, such as the Home page, Events page, or Account page, I see an error message near the top saying Unable to load Monitoring Events.

I have signed out of the app and signed back in, and I have the same issue.

Anyone else having these issues?

If this happened yesterday (Monday 14th), then it seems to be a backend issue.
I was also unable to get my HMS status page to update - it remained blank and would eventually display an error.

Not especially fun when you try to disarm your HMS using the app.

It finally came back to normal within an hour.

Thanks, @christiano.

Looks like it’s better but still having issues for me, but only about half the time.

When I switch modes on the app, e.g., from Home to Disarmed, it may take about 60 seconds, and may say Mode switch failed. After that message, sometimes, the mode switch actually failed, but sometimes, the mode switch succeeded, despite the message.

And overall, about half the time, it works as expected. Unreliable last few days.

Also, the error message Unable to load monitoring events shows up in the app when I switch to the Monitoring page about 80% of the time. However, it appears the monitoring events are loading correctly today. Most buggy.

I have been seeing that frequently as well when I open the Monitoring tab since the newest app update. As of yet I haven’t experienced any adverse affects, but most of my arming and disarming from the app is automated so I rarely see it during those events. I also don’t use the “Monitoring Events” unless there is an issue, so I never look at them.

I am having the same problem been happening for about 2 weeks.

This also started happening to me in the last week. Unable to switch to away mode with the Mode Switch Failed error