Home Monitoring Button to Activate (Siren Only)

It would be awesome to have an activate siren button from your phone while away, if you happen to see a burglar in your home. I know the motion sensor will activate the siren but how about if he/she doesn’t go through that area? Just a thought…

@rocklguz309 Welcome to the community! You know there is an emergency button already in the Wyze app under the Monitoring tab, right? Manually pressing the button will activate the alarm and Noonlight will respond. Is this something you’re requesting or no?


Hi. Yes, I know. I meant a button to activate siren (to scare off the intruder) but not call authorities. Ofc it would be if you catch the intruder on your cam before any crime was committed. I actually saw that Ring alarm has that feature.


Thanks for clarifying. I have merged this topic to the wishlist and edited the title to enhance search clarity.

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If I saw someone in my home then I’d want the police there, not just a siren. You can always tell Noonlight to nevermind the police, after all you’re paying them to monitor the system. Why do banks use silent alarms :woman_shrugging: