Notification when siren goes off on hub

I can not find a way for home monitoring to notify me if the hub siren is activated. What good is an alarm system that does not notify if triggered. Hope I am just missing something.

At the bottom of the Monitoring Tab, find Home Monitoring Settings, then Home & Away, then Alarm Response. Make sure your Notifications are set to Push Notifications.

When the Alarm is triggered and the Siren on the Hub activates, you should get a Push Notification from the Wyze App (you should have already received one if you have an Entry Delay set), a SMS Text Message from Noonlight, and if not quickly disarmed, a phone call from Noonlight.

Make sure your phone has notifications from Wyze allowed and not silent or snoozed and that you have notifications for the App enabled and not muted, snoozed, or off.

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Thanks much for the help. I seemed to be unable to locate it. Thanks again.


You’re welcome!