HMS Option to Mute Siren/Alarm on Sense Hub

I’m looking for a way to mute the siren or alarm on the base station.

If my property is broken into the siren will go off alerting the burglars of the location of the base station. A typical reaction of a burglar would be to rip the siren (base station) loose and smash it to silence it. This would render my system useless - no further notifications or remote monitoring.

If the intent of the siren is to scare the intruders away, please allow us to use a triggered plug with a remote siren to do that rather than have them find the “brains” of our monitoring system and smash them to smithereens.

Why is it designed to show the intruders where the “brains” of the monitoring system are?

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This doesn’t entirely answer your question, but from the HMS FAQ listings:
Even further, as we have a dual-countdown mechanism, after someone triggers a sensor, even if the Hub is also disabled, you and the monitoring center will still be notified of the alarm.

Hmmm, that brings up an interesting product idea. Why not a separate siren that is not wired by linked via WiFi or the protocol they use for the sensors to the hub. So, the siren(s) can be placed in a different location and does not draw attention to the hub itself’s location.

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I think there is a wish list for that somewhere… :grin:

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Is that true? I was under the impression that if the hub disappeared the sensors did as well. This came from a first hand experience.

My hub had a major hiccup and I had to reset it. When I did my sensors disappeared and I had to add them back into the hub after its reset. I could not control the “old system” because I had lost the keypad as well in the overall loss of monitoring sensors. During the time my hub went south I was wide open and could not control or sense anything.

I think you may be misreading that. It means if someone breaks into your house while the system is armed and destroys the hub, notification of the alarm has already been sent to NoonLight and the countdown continues on their side. They will still be aware of the alarm and will send the police.

As you noted, none of the sensors will work since the hub provides the connectivity. You would need to replace the hub to get the sensors working.

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True about the notice being sent. I’d just like to keep monitoring the situation and not loose my hub in the process. Seems a silent alarm would not be too much to ask for. We get notifications.

Why do we have to have the hub siren go off in all situations? In my remote workshop only the intruders are going to hear it. I’m at home far away. If I want to scare them I can use the camera audio and introduce myself. Does everyone just use these in their home? Anyone else use these at remote locations?

A switch for Home Monitoring Hub siren

Suggest to add a physical on/off switch for Home Monitoring Hub siren ;
or can be turn on/off through Home Monitoring tab in the wyze app (software) .