Home Monitoring annual bundle Cam Plus free - for how long?

I am considering buying Homemonitoring kit and ready to pay for a year. It says that I get one “Cam Plus” license for free with that but it does not tell for how long? Anybody knows how long will that be free for?

As long as the Home Monitoring subscription is active. So if you pay for 1 year, you have it that whole year. If you renew, it renews. If you cancel Home Monitoring, the Cam Plus License cancels with it.

Basically, it is part of the Home Monitoring Subscription, and will include an active Cam Plus license in the Services section of the app. In other words it’s not a promotion or redemption code or anything, it’s part of the service. That’s not to say Wyze can’t change things in the future, but as it stands currently that is how it works.