Home monitoring can not bet activated till Cam plus pro trial license expires

I am having terrible time with seting up the Home monitoring license. Already called Wyze support twice but they say I have to live with this messy situation.
Here is the situation:

  1. Installed Wyze hub, door sensors and key pad
  2. Installed Wize v3 cam. As soon as I installed camera, IT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED A FREE 15 day license for Cam Plus Pro and activated it!! (I didn’t ask for it).
  3. When I tried to start Home Monitoring service (after paying for annual service), it is not allowing me to do that till Cam Plus Pro license expires. Support says they can not remove the free license !!

So now , I HAVE PAID FOR 1 YEAR of Home Monitoring, but can’t use the service for 15 days, till free Camp Plus Pro license expires !!




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Messy Indeed!

I have the HMS. I do not have the CamPlus Pro. I am on the forum reading daily and this is the very first time I have read that the Cam V3 was now shipping with a CamPlus Pro trial. In the past, they all shipped with a CamPlus trial. And, since it is a known license conflict between HMS and CamPlus Pro, I can certainly understand you frustration with Wyze forcing the trial in conflict with HMS.

Wyze should address this conflict directly and allow an easy opt out for the trials.

The only remedy I would suggest, which may or may not work because I don’t know how the trial subscriptions are listed on the account, is to terminate your trial license. Again, it may not even be on your account in the same place as the paid licenses, I haven’t had a trial license in over a year and never had to try to terminate one. It’s a longshot, but, you can try this and let me know if it works or if it’s just not there:

  1. Go to services.wyze.com on the web browser in your phone. I use chrome.
  2. Click the Avatar in the top right and sign in.

  1. Click the Avatar again and choose My Account

You should see a list of all your subscriptions.

  1. Look for the CamPlus Pro trial… If it is even there. Not even sure they show trials here.
  2. If it is there, click edit.
  3. At the very bottom of the page, look for cancel subscription and click it.

If you are able to complete this, the CPP should come off of your account and allow the HMS to set up.

Look forward to hearing back.
Good luck!

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I did not opt for the free trial and I still cannot activate my monitoring. They have no solution

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Did you submit a ticket w\ Customer Service?

Tried your suggestion but unfortunately, in My Account, the trial license for Cam Plus Pro is not listed !! The only license listed is for 1 year Home Monitoring, which I am not able to activate !!



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That is not good news. Sounds like your ticket needs to be escalated within Wyze and not their outsourced customer service.

The conflicts in the HMS\CPP licence enrollment are quite problematic.

Suggest you reach out to @WyzeJasonJ. He may be able to direct you to the proper contact to get the discrepancy resolved.

Hello @salekson and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you are having this experience and thank you for the tag @SlabSlayer. I have forwarded your issue on to the team to see if there is anything they can do to help.

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Thanks @WyzeJasonJ! U da best!

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I’m having this same issue. A call and chat with customer support got me nowhere. Both times they said engineers are aware of the issue and working to correct it. Meanwhile I’ve paid for a service I can’t use and who knows when it will be fixed and allow me to use it. I have no active subscriptions showing in my account to try to inactivate anything.

Any update from Wyze team or Do I need to wait till trial license gets over ?



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I have not received any updates yet, I do know they are looking into why it did that and I apologize for the inconvenience. I will see if I can get any more info from them.


Add me to the growing list- this is crazy. I have been the customer service route but it is going nowhere. On my phone all I get is a grayed out image and on my husband’s shared service app he gets a grayed app but it quickly turns to “Set up Cam Plus Pro” which we don’t want. By the way both phones had the app just fine until his went gray a couple days ago and mine went gray today.

Hoping to see some help here, this is my only hope to save this service. I love Noonlight, but I guess we are at Wyze’s mercy if they will let us continue. Service runs out May 2023, I hate to lose a year.

@WyzeJasonJ Thanks for kind of spear heading the response on this. One question I have is we are traveling. Is the home being monitored? I did set is before we left. I will go into cameras (that still works!) and upgrade the detection settings. Thanks for all you are doing.

I finally got mine resolved. I assured why they could not generate me a new code, which they finally did. I entered that code within the Android app, then when it asked for the address of the converted residence it kept failing.
I got back on the support chat and they confirmed I had the right code and that I was having this issue, so they issued me another new code and this time I did it on my computer and everything is now as it should be. I also Mentone several times that I would not of had this issue if I would of went with Simplisafe.
I am now satisfied

Hello @dritchey and welcome to the community. I am sorry you are experiencing this issue also. You said you went the customer service route, did they give you a ticket number so I can add the info for what they are looking into?

@WyzeJasonJ Thank you so much! I appreciate any advice. Ticket # is (2126451) with technician Jenirose. She suggested I reset the app and reinstall, I did this and I now have it on my screen again. I am very pleased. However, I shared this with my husband when we first installed it and his screen is still gone. When he hits the monitor button (which worked great up till this week) he gets an ad screen with an ad for home monitoring, an ad for Cam Plus Pro but no access to the system. I tried to re-share but it says I already have shared it.

He has tried everything he can to get rid of the ad, nothing works. At least we have 50% of the monitoring working, so there is that. Thanks again, I really appreciate your input.

I have signed out/in, restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app. Nothing allows me to receive the monitoring service I have already paid for. It’s very frustrating. Support does nothing but say they are aware of an issue and are having engineers look into it. I have tried both chat and phone call.

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Well, we have solved our issue as well. We just gave up. We bought our Wyze home security package as a pre-order when it was first announced. It worked great until one day it just changed our PIN and it was two weeks trying everything to get it working. The Wyze staff is friendly and really want to be helpful but we were on our own with that problem. This time we were traveling when both our phone screens went blank. We have one back now, nothing on the other one.

A home security system must be reliable. We are getting a Simplisafe system ordered today, We understand the no refund policy, but we actually need a system. Thanks for the advice and help, we still have all our other Wyze items, just not the home monitoring.

@shockingelectrician what is the code you are talking about? I have contacted wyze’s customer service so many times that I have lost count on this issue and have had no luck. I’m hoping to ask for a code like you did to hopefully solve this issue . I am at my witts end.

could you please forward them the same issue for me as well? I have contacted customer service several times and haven’t gotten anywhere yet. I did submit a log last week with no reply yet :pensive:

Well, my trial license for Cam Plus Pro expired (after 15 days) ! The the app started showing me home monitoring option which I was able to setup. Being burnt by camera (v3) setup first, I only installed the hub and sensors first to activate home monitoring. After that I started to add cameras (V3), then AGAIN IT TRIED TO BOTCH HOME MONITORING by saying "You have NOW ACTIVATED FREE TRIAL LICENSE for Cam Plus Pro !!. This time I just closed the app. Luckily , when I started the app again, it showed me home monitoring setup. I think the problem with Wyze APP is as follows:

You need to setup V3 Camera WITHIN THE HOME MONITORING ‘add devide’. If you try to SETUP v3 Camera, using ‘add device’ under ‘Home’ tab, you are DOOMED to get stuck with free trial license of Cam Plus Pro, which OVER RIDES your home monitoring subscription !!



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