Home Monitor Keypad, what Battery and how to change

I have been unable to find anything on battery type in the keypad, or how to change it.
Any help will be GREATLY appreciated! :>)

The keypad takes 3 AA batteries:



Thanks much I could not locate this.
Have a GREAT day!

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No problem Rick… glad to help. :+1:

How do you change the batteries in the Sense Hub?

Hello @DCHotard and welcome to the community.

Officially you don’t, it is a built in, non replaceable battery. My guess is someone will open one and find a way eventually

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So then when I lost power for 4 days because of Hurricane Ida, and had no alarm, why does the website say “Battery Backup?” I had no alarm system. If I had known this I would’ve thought twice about buying this system.

It does have a built in battery backup, I am not sure how long the battery lasts before dying, it recharges while plugged in. To test you should be able to unplug and it will stay powered via internal battery.

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