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Is there a way to hook up a tv or monitor inside my house to have all the cameras live displayed on it?

How about using an Android tablet as a monitor

Youtube video picked at random

didnt even think of that thank you very much!

A lot of people will use that same program (Tiny Cam) with an Amazon FireTV stick and then keep it loaded on their TV if you’re really wanting to have them all show on a Television.

You might be able to do something similar with jimmy-rigging some other SmartTV adapters, but the FireTV is the most commonly used for this purpose (having several cams viewed all at once on the TV).

Though I like the above suggestion of using a Tablet instead. It’s a little more portable and easily manipulated (ie: switching to a cam, viewing past recordings or cloud events or zooming in, etc).

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thanks you ill look into that i appreciate it!