Exporting Tinycam Footage to Monitor

I am looking to set up a “monitoringg screen” using a tablet or rasberry pi to port out the Tinycam fi=ootage to a monitor in my office.

Currently I have Tinycam set up on a 10" Android tablet.

I would like to connect the tablet to a powered hub/display port device to a small monitor or tv i can mount.

I have tested a couple products and either the power is to low to charge or i have disply issues.

So has anyone soen something like this and if so what did you use to get it to work?

Thank you

One easy way is to run TinyCam directly on a FireTV stick in the HDMI port on the monitor. It works quite well.

You could do the same thing and have the Fire stick’s TinyCam access the other TinyCam as Axis camera(s).

Edit: I just found out that an alternate setting is defining the first TinyCam server as a camera with make Android, model TinyCam Pro.