HMS False Alarm

3x last night HMS triggered an alarm because a CAMERA received a motion trigger. That’s not supposed to happen. Best I can tell, it only triggered an internal alarm. No Karen or police.


Cameras don’t trigger HMS. Only contact and motion sensors trigger alarms.

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At least that’s what is supposed to happen. I know that Bill. But in this instance it actually did. Others on FB are reporting the same thing. Wyze Report_135324-111721.pdf (7.8 KB)

Don’t do social media so can’t access that. Maybe something new with the advent of the camera only monitoring services which is soon to be released?

Another link to Wyze promo site:

Happened to me today. For now, I went into Home Monitoring Settings, Security Cameras, and unchecked everything but Smoke/CO alarm. Other than that, I only had person detection checked. Someone was walking their dog, one of my cameras picked them up, and triggered an alarm. That’s never happened before. Could be useful for some cameras. Like the one in my living room. I live by myself. So when I’m not home, person detection triggering an alarm, would be nice on that camera.

Thank you for posting this issue. I’ve passed this up the chain for investigation. If at all possible, when you encounter this issue, please immediately send a dev log via Wyze app and post your Log ID in this thread.




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