Home Monitoring Motion Detectors false trigger with Alexa App

I have been troubleshooting a problem I have had with Wyze motion detectors false triggering.
It appears that having The Alexa App linked to your Wyze account will cause Alexa App to add the Wyze motion detectors into Alexa devices. This results in the motion detectors false triggering.

The fix is to disable the Wyze Motion detectors under the Alexa App.
I have 4 motion detectors that I have swapped around troubleshooting this.
After disabling I tested all 4 stored in a box no false triggers.

I have every one of my Wyze V2 Motion Detectors (every room in the house) installed on the HMS linked thru the Wyze Skill in the Alexa App since installation over 2 years ago, use several of them in Alexa Routines as triggers, use all them in my On Duty Away list for HMS Alarm triggering, and have never once had false triggering of the HMS or Alexa Routines due to this integration.

Did you recently change the batteries or are these new installs?

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False trigger notifications through the Alexa app? Or false trigger notifications through the Wyze app? Or both?

I have Motion detectors connected to HMS - Home monitoring System. The motion detector false trigger and Alarm goes off.

I have had system since Pre-order units were available. Problem started over a year ago.
Support suspected detector was bad. I picked up a couple of Home Depot Kits when they
were on sale just to have extra Hardware, Hubs, Detectors etc.(Tip! The included 6 months of service from the install kits transfer to your account when you install the new hub),
Replaced detectors and same problem. I disabled all detectors from Alex Devices, put all detectors in an enclosed box in different locations, tested for over 6 months with no false triggers and have brought the system back online for test. This was the fix for me
Using android App

THAT is an incredibly useful piece of information to have! Thank you!

Your experience is puzzling. I got mine on pre-order as well but have never experienced any integration issues or false alarms that couldn’t be explained. Two fell off the wall, damaging one. And just recently a low battery caused a false alarm. Beyond that, my sensors have been rock solid and used within Alexa Routines.

You wait until your service is up for renewal in a month or so then delete your hub in the app.
Install the new hub with the 6 months of service and it is attached to your account.
Of course you have to connect all your sensors back up.

Why would I want to do that? My hub doesn’t need replaced. The only reason I would buy the new kit is if I needed to replace my hub. All the sensors can be purchased individually.

I was under the impression by your post that doing so and applying the 6 months that comes with the kit would then extend your subscription renewal date for an additional 6 months.

Update: Still troubleshooting. Discovered I have one bad Motion detector so far. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

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