Hi all! (A Quick Post to Reiterate I'm Still Here)

How about these guys instead of :cat2: :black_cat: :rofl:

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@Antonius Squirrels! They look healthy and well fed. :joy:

@peepeep Virgin Mary Radiance? You’re ruining my street cred. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@carverofchoice yeah, it’s been a hell of a year. Coops made it to 17. Congestive heart failure. He was diagnosed with a murmur earlier in the year and I think the stress was just too much for him. He was the sweetie of the bunch. Didn’t know a stranger. Loved everyone and everything.

Abed ran away 2 days after adopting him (little butthead darted out the door and I wasn’t fast enough to stop him), went MIA for 2 days and we spent our evenings walking around the neighborhood. We trapped him in a squirrel trap. :joy: Now he’s afraid of outside and keeps a wide berth from the door.

Their names are also a reference. Bonus points to anyone who knows Troy and Abed.


The AI tells me Troy and Abed are characters from the comedy TV show “Community” :slight_smile:

If that’s right, the AI said I can pretend I knew it and get the bonus points.


Sorry for the reply delay @towelkingdom! I have been on the road driving all day and didn’t get the time to reply.

SOOOOO glad to see that you are on the mend and feeling better! I am on the Take it Slow and don’t overdo it team. Hope you continue to feel better each day!


@carverofchoice you’re correct. It’s a delightful show. And Troy and Abed are actually kind of fitting now that their personalities are blooming. We nailed it. :joy:

@SlabSlayer thanks! I feel better than I have in YEARS! A girl could get used to this. I’m still a little slow going up stairs, and the only restriction I have now is no lifting over 10 pounds (to reduce risk of hernia) and no sleeping on my stomach. Kind of a bummer, but I can deal. Otherwise I’ve been released to full activity. This last weekend I was helping my dad and husband split firewood. I got to pull the lever on the log splitter while sitting in a lawn chair. They did all the hard stuff. :joy:


I know exactly what you are saying. I am just glad you are doing better and are back. :heart:


My Queen! :princess:t2:

Glad to see you are back!


@TomG thank you so much! :hugs: