Heart rate and blood oxygen level on the Wyze watch

Was in the ER for swollen lymph node yesterday . While I was connected to their equipment, I compared what my Wyze watch said my heart rate and blood oxygen level were to what their multi thousand dollar equipment said it was. (the reference)

The heart rate was a heart monitor and their oximeter was on the middle finger on my right hand. The Wyze watch is worn on my right wrist.

Even the nurses couldn’t believe how close the two were.

I know my heart rate was high. Must have been a pretty nurse in the room. :sunglasses:


Hope you are feeling better @TomG.

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Thank you for the concern. Fortunately I was in no pain. My neck looked like Jabba the Hutt. Waiting at the hospital is never fun. Fortunately I have a repertoire of jokes about the medical field. I try to be as pleasant as possible.

An example

What do you get when you soak your funny bone in water? You get laughing stock. That’s humerus.



Impressive the accuracy or closeness of the Watch to their equipment. Sorry you had to deal with issues, but glad you are ok.


Is heart rate measurement real time and continuous or one has to press the button and wait for the resulting measurement?

Hope you get better ! Totally cool that it was that close , maybe Wyze should get into the medical field next


Heart rate measurement can be continuous but battery life is reduced.

Checking heart rate manually can be repeated after the first reading by hitting the refresh button


Thanks for the concern.
The 101 heart rate was due to it being measured at 8:45 pm, and I had taken my meds over 12 hours earlier at 8:00 that morning.

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Thank you so much for your response with an illustration.
Can one increase the frequency of Heart Rate testing or is 5 min is a set?

Also, did you test the accuracy of HR measurement against manual counting etc.
I purchased a watch from Chiana it shower 65 Hr reading when I plav=ced the watch against 2x4
Thanks again for your help.


The equipment at the hospital is more accurate than manually feeling for a pulse so I did not do that.

Slightly related tangent ——>>>>. My mother was a grade school math teacher. When calculators were first introduced, she would use the calculator then do it manually just to check the calculator.

5 minutes is the only setting for continuous heart rate monitoring.

That 2x4 might be haunted. :skull:

…Funny… 2x4 is undeniably hunted :slight_smile:

Did you try to put the watch on an inanimate object to verify that it not hunted :slight_smile:


Don’t mention haunted to my wife. She is a very intelligent woman. About 20 years ago she was working late at night in the basement of a bank that was in a really old building. She heard a creak from a door opening, but she was the only one working in the building at 2am, She saw a pair of shoes that were not attached to a body, then when she came back into the room the shoes were not there. The building was locked securely beng a bank, and she had to buzz people in.

Spooky, and ever since she believes on ghosts. :ghost:


Ask her to measure Heart Rate and oxygenation of her shoe :slight_smile: