HHS: Correct Method for Enabling Shared Access


I am onboarding new married rental tenants with the Wyze Home Security system installed. I’m trying to understand the “correct” way for both parties to have full control of the system - meaning either person can can arm/disarm, view security cameras, making any changes, reset the system, etc. etc.

Here are a few options I can see, which one is recommended and supported approach from Wyze?

  1. Create separate Wyze accounts and configure the same property in the app
  2. Use the same username/password to log into the Wyze app
  3. Use the Share option in Home Security settings (this doesn’t seem to allow camera access)
  4. In the Wyze Account settings, choose Share with New User
  5. Something else I haven’t thought of?

Thanks for any clarity on this.

You should be able to share the cameras separately. But I believe they will have access to do things you might not want them to. It’s been a while since I checked but I think it gives them access to turn the cameras off and notifications off (maybe on purpose, maybe on accident).

I think sharing to their own account is the best method though. Then they can’t change the password (of a mutual account) and make it impossible for you to access your own devices.

Thanks for responding; just in case I wasn’t clear in my original post - as the landlord - I wouldn’t have any access whatever to the Wyze security system. The tenants would completely control the system using their own accounts of which I wouldn’t be a user.

With that said, I’m trying to understand how two human beings (a married couple in this case) can both have full administrative privileges to a Wyze Home Security System for the same property.

Make sense?

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Sorry, I overlooked that. I assumed that you would maintain control so you could easily transfer access to future tenants, but if you can’t gain access to the account again when they leave, it’s possible some devices could get permanently bricked depending on what model devices are involved.

In that case it’s easy enough to let them decide. I’d give them the account credentials and let them know they can either share the same account credentials or create separate accounts and share everything to the other account too and just leave it up to them.