Hey, Garage Door Opener Owners

Hey, Garage Door Opener Owners.
And the rest of us that are, simply homeowners that have a garage.
Here’s a thought you might wish to consider to improve your garage security.

Take one of your extra Wyze WiFi smart plugs (or another) and plug your garage door opener plug into it, and it into the outlet. Yes, put the WiFi smart plug between your GDO and power. You can see where this is going.

Now, when you wish, you can disable/enable power going to your GDO when needed. This is just another layer in home security that might one day make the difference in a break-in or not. What’s the cost to do this? $10-15 ?

Once in a while, my GDO needs to be reset. It needs to have power removed and restored. Once in a while, when I walk into a dark garage, I see one of the two bulbs dim but blinking. The manual says it needs to be reset. Well, this trick for security I described above is the secondary reason that I added a WiFi smart plug to my GDO. I am too lazy to climb a stepladder to unplug and plug it back in.


Hey, @Sam_Bam.

I like the idea of the smart plug. However, in my case, the GDO has a battery, specifically for the many occasions when we lose power so that the door still will open and close. As for the reset, my opener has been very reliable for years and I can only remember one time I needed to reset it. I’m sure it’s a bigger problem for many others. Just some thoughts.

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I had the very same thought… Except I used Smart Outlets vs, Plugs on one side.
And the Wyze Outdoor Plug on the other, because I needed extra outlets for other things.

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